Ted the UltraConsumer

Best Buy, once again you suck. Again.

I used to be a big fan of Best Buy. Seriously, I was. Their stores were well-organized, the shelves were full, and the salespeople were both knowledgeable and friendly. I actually paid to be a member of RewardZone in the early days. Now RewardZone points are worth hardly anything – just like Best Buy’s customer service.

Best Buy Hates Christmas

In December 2011, we ordered an Xbox Kinect Combo and three additional games as a family Christmas present. The three games were purchased on a  “Buy Two, Get One Free” promotion. Some of the order was available for in-store pickup, and some had to be shipped. We bought early, so that was no problem.

A day or so later, I get an email from Best Buy saying that one of the video games I ordered for in-store pickup is not actually available in the store. They asked that I call them (okay, I guess I’ll take  400 hours to call a retailer during December) to check availability.