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Open Water Returns

Well, sort of. A couple hundred yards of ice, then open water, then more ice. No idea how far out that goes. I’m just happy that enough snow has frozen and melted that I could get up to the area I’ve been trying to get to for the last month or so. No punching through thigh-deep snow time this around.


Michigan Football

The night I met Bo Schembechler

It was a dark and stormy night…..

No, seriously, it was. My dad worked for Manufacturers Bank and then Comerica in a role where he sold banking services to other smaller banks across Michigan. Each June, all the bankers in Michigan gathered at the Grand Hotel for the two-day Michigan Banker’s Association convention, and my dad was usually responsible for handling Manufacturers presentation at the show. This included booths between sessions, and hosting hospitality suites (yes, there were lots of red-cheeked couples whenever I was allowed to sneak in) at night for things like magicians and handwriting analysts or other crazy entertainment.


Life in Holland Michigan

2014 Holland St. Patrick’s Day Parade

As usual, it was colder and windy for this parade, but certainly warmer than it has been the past few years. And certainly warmer than some of the crazy cold days we’ve had even this week. As usual, the girls fought over candy while trying to pick it up and again at home, though the latter quieted down when I told them I was throwing away all the beads, flags and candy if I heard one more argument.