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Best Pictures: November 2018

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took in November:

Fall colors at Van Raalte Farm
Fall colors at Van Raalte Farm

While in Colorado Springs, I got to do a photoshoot for a friend at the Broadmoor Resort. After it wrapped up, I stuck around and did a bit of night shooting from the hotel.

The Broadmoor Resort at night. Colorado Springs, CO.
The Broadmoor Resort at night. Colorado Springs, CO.

I also finally visited Garden of the Gods on a very snowy Saturday morning. It’s a spectacular spot right in Colorado Springs.

Leah at the annual Black River skating party
We got to celebrate Grandma Jan’s birthday with her in Rochester, before heading to Ann Arbor to take the kids to their first (Leah) and second (Aly) Michigan game on a freezing November day.
We got up on the big screen several times, and Leah even got on TV when we first got to the stadium.
Thanksgiving Dinner at Boatwerks in Holland
Catrick/Bob/Cat With No Name in his adopted home.
Our backyard Christmas lights
A snowy and blowy night at the Holland Parade of Lights


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Colorado Fall Colors

I was in Colorado in late September, and had the chance to spend a weekend in the mountains, going from Colorado Springs > Twin Lakes > Aspen and back. Twin Lakes looks like it might be a great location for night shooting, so I plan to check that out in the future. The fall colors were quite strong already at the higher elevations, with the signature yellow of the aspen trees. It was a great couple days!


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Mueller State Park at Night

Thanks to the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society again, I headed back up into the mountains to Mueller State Park on Saturday night.


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Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument at Night

In case you hadn’t heard, I have a new job with Glazier Clinics. I’ll be working remote from Michigan most of the time, but they’re based in Colorado Springs, and I am spending two weeks there in August.