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One Night on Blue Ridge Parkway

I needed some outdoor time, and lucked into a last-minute room at the Pisgah Inn, on what was supposed to be a clear night, perfect for night sky photography.


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Two Days in Charleston

The girls rolled into town late on Friday, but not too late for Mellow Mushroom, so we grabbed some delicious pizza downtown. Early (by Aly’s standards) Saturday morning, we piled into the minivan and headed to Charleston.


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Best Pictures: October 2017

Here are my favorite pictures I took in October 2017:


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DuPont State Forest at Night

New moon + clear skies = great nighttime fun!


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Best Pictures: September 2017

Here are my favorite pictures I took in August 2017:


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Kayaking Triple Falls at DuPont State Forest

No, I did not kayak the falls. You should know me better than that.

I did not kayak, and I didn’t fall. Okay, I did fall once, but that was later in the day at Lake Julia.

On Saturday, I headed up to DuPont as I do many weekends these days. I parked at Hooker Falls and headed up the Triple Falls trail towards – you guessed it – Triple Falls. As I approached the bottom set of falls, I saw a guy carrying a kayak up the stream towards the falls and thought to myself, “Well, this might get interesting.”


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Well I tried to hike this weekend

#Snowmageddon2016: After working from home on Friday, then staying inside binge-watching Jessica Jones all day Saturday while the Upstate de-iced, I was itching to get out of the house and spend some time outdoors. It didn’t go so well.


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The Story of a Photo – One Magic Morning

A week ago, I made another trip to DuPont State Park on a morning that Greenville was completely fogged in. As I wound up the road to Caesar’s Head, the sun suddenly burst through the fog and nearly blinded me, but I also knew immediately that it would be worth stopping at the Caesar’s Head overlook. And I was right.


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Catching Up October

The end of October and first half of November have been a bit crazy for me, so I’m lazily going to drop three weeks’ worth of images into one post. There is some precedence here.


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Newfound Gap Road & Blue Ridge Parkway

I made the drive from Michigan down to Gatlinburg after leaving the girls at the Tree Climbing Championships on Saturday. After having such a phenomenal trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park last year, I was excited for my first return to the park, even though it would just be a quick drive. I hit the road just after 7 on a Sunday morning with permagrin as I made my way into the park.