Maine, Travel

A sunny Stonington Friday

Getting here

Thursday was a long travel day. Ten minutes before we left our house, the sky opened up and it rained very hard the entire drive to GRR. We breezed through security, despite an old lady in front of us verbally assaulting the TSA guy because of some gel tube she had in her carry-on. First she claimed to not know about it, then she started yelling at him because it was so expensive. This was followed by another about face, where she first yelled this: “What are you talking about, I travel all the time and have never had this problem before!” As he started to respond, she returned back to her confused old lady tone and said “Well, how should I know that, I don’t travel very often.” I felt a momentary sadness for her granddaughter traveling companion, then resumed chuckling as we left the security area and headed to our gate.