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Catching Up October

The end of October and first half of November have been a bit crazy for me, so I’m lazily going to drop three weeks’ worth of images into one post. There is some precedence here.

October 1 2015 – Caesar’s Head in the Fog

Oct_01_2015_DSCF1515-142 Oct_01_2015_DSCF1524-139 Oct_01_2015_DSCF1529-140

October 4 2015 – Falls Park after the rains

As Columbia flooded, we just got 6 inches of rain here in the Upstate. It made for an exciting Sunday evening at the falls.

Oct_04_2015_DSCF1600-150 Oct_04_2015_DSCF1606 Falls Park Oct 4 2015 Falls Park Oct 4 2015

October 11 2015 – DuPont State Forest

Big Rock Trail, DuPont State Forest Little River Trail, DuPont State Forest

October 11 2015 – Blue Ridge Parkway

Oct_11_2015_DSCF1819 Oct_11_2015_DSCF1823

October 11 2015 – Caesar’s Head

Yes, I logged many miles on this day.

Caesar's Head Overlook

October 18 2015 – Blue Ridge Parkway

On this day, I went farther north along the BRP than I had before. It was also ridiculously packed with people, but that made it a fun experience whenever I was out of the car. Also, I was about ten feet from a woodchuck at a parking area I used to turn around and head back south.

Oct_18_2015_Oct_18_2015_DSCF1915 Oct_18_2015_Oct_18_2015_DSCF1940 Oct_18_2015_Oct_18_2015_DSCF1942 Oct_18_2015_Oct_18_2015_DSCF1998 Oct_18_2015_Oct_18_2015_DSCF2008 Oct_18_2015_Oct_18_2015_Oct_18_2015_DSCF1969_1

I’m having a lot of fun with my Fuji gear in this beautiful area, if you couldn’t tell.

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