Exploring SC

Exploring SC: Lake Keowee

I was fortunate enough in my second week in South Carolina to take part in an offsite meeting at Lake Keowee, a gorgeous mountain lake in the far western corner of SC. Among all the work, we found a bit of time for wakeboarding, swimming, skiing, basketball and a few other things.

Jun_17_2015__MG_7557 Jun_17_2015__MG_7570 Jun_17_2015__MG_7573 Jun_17_2015__MG_7574 Jun_17_2015__MG_7575 Jun_17_2015__MG_7580 Jun_17_2015__MG_7596 Jun_17_2015__MG_7601 Jun_17_2015__MG_7605 Jun_17_2015__MG_7636 Jun_18_2015__MG_7668 Jun_18_2015__MG_7696 Jun_18_2015__MG_7752 Jun_18_2015__MG_7773 Jun_18_2015__MG_7786 Jun_18_2015__MG_7796 Jun_18_2015__MG_7825 Jun_18_2015__MG_7850 Jun_18_2015__MG_7866 Jun_18_2015__MG_7899 Jun_19_2015__MG_7904Life is good here.


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