2015 Christmas Picture Flood

And so it begins, pictures with Santa:

Dec_24_2015_DSCF6910 Dec_24_2015_DSCF6891 Dec_24_2015_DSCF6881

An early Christmas present

When I got back into town on the 23rd, I was introduced to Luvy (rhymes with groovy), who is Aly’s new pet hedgehog.

Dec_24_2015_DSCF6964 Dec_24_2015_DSCF6980 Dec_24_2015_DSCF7002

A few Christmas Eve presents

As tradition, the girls opened their presents from Auntie Car and Unkie Doo, along with one present from us.

Dec_24_2015_DSCF7077 Dec_24_2015_DSCF7104 Dec_24_2015_DSCF7106

Christmas Morning

We began the day at home, opening stockings, presents from Santa, and presents from each other.

Dec_24_2015_DSCF7113 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7169 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7200 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7209 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7233 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7244 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7287 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7302 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7318

Then we drove to Ohio

We piled into the car around noon and drove to Auntie Jazzy and Uncle Sparkles’ (Dave and J’aime) house in Chagrin Falls, to meet up with the rest of the Goudies, a few Bakers, and most of the Strattons, along with the Matriarch of the Matilo clan: Noni.

Dec_25_2015_DSCF7346 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7355 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7358 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7361 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7364 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7374 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7379 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7386 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7394 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7400 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7406 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7419 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7436 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7439 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7448 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7458 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7468 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7476 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7547 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7571 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7608 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7637 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7658 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7668 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7677 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7697 Dec_25_2015_DSCF7715 Dec_25_2015_IMG_3222

26th morning

We had breakfast at the hotel with the entire Goudie bunch, and then the four of us crashed on Gus & Abbey, since we had not seen them the night before. It was great visiting with them – it’s always too short!



Dec_26_2015_IMG_3243 Dec_26_2015_IMG_3244


We then spent a few hours (and had lunch!) with Noni, Grandma Jan, and Grandpa Bill, before hopping in the car and driving in the rain back to Michigan, but not all the way back to Holland.


Kalamazoo 27th, am

We had planned to do another version of the Vogel Christmas at Liz & Kevin’s on the 27th, but some plans changed, so the four of us spent the morning with them in Kalamazoo.

Dec_27_2015_DSCF7773 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7776 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7731

Back to Holland, 27th pm

We then all headed up to Holland and celebrated the next version of Vogel Christmas at Grandpa’s house.

Dec_27_2015_DSCF8078 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7993 Dec_27_2015_DSCF8026 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7968 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7984 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7870 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7915 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7794 Dec_27_2015_DSCF7812

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    Much better word to photo ratio! Thank you!!!! Looks like it was a fun busy time! Lotto tix for Aly, a cute bebe, and Leah’s grin with her baby teeth…I cant think of anything else that says Christmas more!

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