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A few leftover summer pics

One night in July, Aly and I had a daddy-daughter date out at Saugatuck State Park. We hiked a trail I’d never taken out to the lake, and passed nearly a full outfit of clothing over the last half-mile or so before reaching the beach, so we were expecting to find naked people (or at least naked person) but were thankfully disappointed to find nonesuch. We swam under the setting sun in the chilling water for about an hour before I decided to kick Aly out because she had progressed from shivering to something more like quaking. We dried off and made our way down to Beach Trail and watched the sun finish setting before making our way back to the car under flashlight guidance and a protective bubble of bug spray.


I wandered into our family room one day to find this:

2013_07_16_10228 2013_07_16_10229 2013_07_19_10232

I had several great hikes to SSP over the summer and most of those already got their own posts. Here are a few from one day where I didn’t shoot a lot because it was a blazing hot day.

2013_07_20_10269 2013_07_20_10278 2013_07_20_10282 2013_07_20_10303

Random rainy day:

2013_07_26_10325 2013_07_26_10327

Aly had her annual lemonade stand:


The girls spent much of the summer enjoying their expanded swing set:

2013_08_07_10353 2013_08_07_10377 2013_08_07_10391 2013_08_07_10418 2013_08_07_10402 2013_08_07_10404 2013_08_07_10422


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