Backyard Fun

During my September visit to Michigan, we had good weather most of the time, which meant lots of time enjoying the outdoors. This is basically a post for Grandma Jan – 90% pictures of the girls.

Stop me when I’m passing by

Like most children, the siren song of the ice cream truck hits Aly & Leah like a double espresso. My typical response as soon as I hear the obnoxious music is to shout a general “NO” for all nearby children to hear, but this time was a yes. This guy has been ice cream trucking our neighborhood for a few years now, and he’s an interesting character. When he saw that I had a camera, he said that he wanted to make sure that I got good pictures of him with the girls and basically directed them and me to make a good picture. It was kind of cute.


Flying Leah



Why is Aly making this face?


Here’s a hint:


Got it yet?

Sep_13_2015_DSCF0728 Sep_13_2015_DSCF0738 Sep_13_2015_DSCF0744

Yep, it’s the “Push Leah on the swing then turn around and let her crash into you” game – a Goudie Backyard classic. I started this years ago to entertain infant Leah when she weighed much less than today; it’s a bit like a cross between MMA and a chiropractor appointment nowadays. The things we do to elicit smiles from young ones…

Fear not: Aly was only slightly injured in the making of this film.


Later that night, Leah asked me if she could have a picture with her friend the flamingo. This is a bit of a preview of her current posing obsession that will appear in an upcoming post.


And Rachel had a birthday

She chose Boatwerks for her birthday dinner, so we lingered on the waterfront before and after the meal on a lovely sunny evening.

Sep_15_2015_DSCF0930 Sep_15_2015_DSCF0943 Sep_15_2015_DSCF0945 Sep_15_2015_DSCF0954 Sep_15_2015_DSCF0955 Sep_15_2015_DSCF0959Afterwards, of course, more backyard.

Sep_15_2015_DSCF0962 Sep_15_2015_DSCF0972 Sep_15_2015_DSCF0978 Sep_15_2015_DSCF1003

Those four photos are indeed in chronological order, if you were wondering based on Leah’s mood through the flow of those pictures. Cold-hot-cold.

And finally

Another evening, the girls each treated us to their “routines”.


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