Dan & Kate’s Wedding – June 2018

We descended upon the small town of Hartville, OH for Dan and Kate’s wedding in mid-June – my cousin Rick is Kate’s dad.

A giant outdoor (well mostly) flea market was right next to our hotel, so we explored a bit in the morning before the wedding.

Leah enjoys some froot loops at the hotel

Noni and Teddy

After the service, we had a bit of a break until the reception, so Grandma Jan treated us all to Dairy Queen – we were dressed for the occasion.

The reception was at a lovely outdoor venue, but the skies were threatening when we arrived. And then it really opened up. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but there were at least a few moments of panic as the tent lifted a bit, rain poured down in buckets, and the wind was blowing over vases of flowers.

In the background, you can see the wall of rain coming towards the tent.

Eventually, the rain let up, and we enjoyed a great dinner with fun toasts and speeches. Leah took off with my camera for a while, and got this keeper of the bride and groom:

Once the dance floor was open, the party took off and everybody had a great time.

These two were mesmerized during the first dance

Leah made sure I got a picture of her with Kate!

Strattons goin’ stratton

Strattons goin’ stratton, II

Strattons goin’ stratton, III

Though we were exhausted from other recent events, we had a great weekend at the wedding – Congrats Kate & Dan!

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