Devin, pretty much all growed up

I’d like to pen this as a “I can’t believe this, it makes me so old” take, but instead, I’ll just say that I’m really proud of Devin and his parents threw one hell of a graduation party.

Jul_11_2015_DSCF3058 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3065 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3088 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3095 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3106 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3108 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3110 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3124 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3128 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3129 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3140 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3149 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3162 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3165 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3169 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3196 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3210 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3269 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3298 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3329 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3417 Jul_11_2015_DSCF3451

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