Family Pictures from My Michigan Trip

Here are pictures from my most recent trip to Michigan.

First middle school dance, soccer, and a few other things.

While I was there, Aly had her first middle school dance. Two of her friends and their moms came to our house for a pre-party, so I took Leah out on the date of her choice: Papa Romano’s. Smart girl.

We then returned to the house and took some pictures before the girls headed off to the dance.

The next morning, Leah had a soccer game.

Yeah, she’s a little intense with sports, but she has a ton of fun, too.

Here’s her celebration sequence as she scores a goal:

Later that day, Rachel and I headed to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Michigan State game, which promised some severe weather later in the game. The weather delivered, unlike the Michigan offense. Despite the tough loss and getting home after 3am, we had a fun time singing along and getting drenched.


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