Leah has turned four

It hardly seems possible, but Leah has turned four, yet another sign that I am getting old. Thanks to an unexpected trip to Ohio, Leah’s birthday got stretched out over a week. She had a great time the day before her birthday with Grandpa and a downtown date with Auntie Lizzy.

The actual birthday

Leah awoke to the return of her family and a few presents to open before she ate breakfast.

The obligatory visit to the kids’ casino

known as Chuck E. Cheese. There are so many parallels to casinos:

  • Attempts to make it tough to identify the time (dark blinds over windows)
  • Blips and beeps when games pay out
  • Pit bosses who unplug games that are paying out too much. This actually happened to us last year, right in the middle of playing a game!

20150118-_MG_4356 20150118-_MG_4361 20150118-_MG_4364 20150118-_MG_4368 20150118-_MG_4375 20150118-_MG_4377 20150118-_MG_4378 20150118-_MG_4382 20150118-_MG_4388When she got home, she got to open an awesome Flutterbye Fairy (Dawn, in case you’re wondering) from the Milford Vogels.



The birthday party

Thankfully, reason won over and we didn’t repeat some of our crazy over-the-top parties of the past. It was essentially a playdate with a few of Lele’s preschool friends and “pupcakes”, as she calls them. There was an obstacle course, present opening, dress up, and time for toys. Leah chose a Frozen them, so we had a few Frozen crafts and Frozen bowling.

20150124-IMG_1301 20150124-IMG_1316 20150124-IMG_1323 20150124-IMG_1319

Aly demonstrating her pre-teen attitude.20150124-IMG_1326 20150124-IMG_1338 20150124-IMG_1336 20150124-IMG_1346 20150124-IMG_1351 20150124-IMG_1353


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