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Maine 2019 Pt 2

Ann, Will, & Maggie arrived on Tuesday so the whole clan was together in town.

Rachel, Aly, and I moved to the newest oldest bed & breakfast in Stonington, the charming Pres Du Port. We became fast friends with the family running it for the summer and it was the perfect place to stay with everyone in town.

We had perfect weather for goofing around the rocks and water.

A bald eagle appeared on one of the nearby rock islands while I was on a work phone call, so I handed my camera and telephoto lens to Rachel with no instruction. Beyond showing good form, she got some great eagle pictures too!

The Plotts were very kind to motor over to the town pier and take all of us for a fantastic boat ride, on a picture perfect day. The kids all got to take turns at the wheel, which was a big hit.

We did have another reason for the boat ride as well. The water off Stonington was on the list of places where Doug requested that we spread his ashes.

Jim took us out past the channel, but still in view of the house, and Ann said a few words before we each helped grant Doug’s wish. I’m sure he loved it. He’s dearly missed by all of us and Will has become very much like his father.

See, just like his father.

July 4th started with several participants in the Stonington Six Fun Run. Will placed 15th overall in the 10k after taking a wrong turn along the route and beating another runner in a wild sprint to the finish.

We decided that we all should swim, or at least most of us, so we headed over to Sand Beach, which is not actually very sandy compared to a normal beach, but is a touch less bouldery than normal Maine coastline. It was another spectacular day to be out on Deer Isle, but the water was knock-the-air-out-of-your-chest cold.

The fish pier right next door to the house hosted a variety of activities for the 4th, and then the Plotts joined us for dinner and fireworks.

The next morning, we piled into the car and drove back to Manchester for the flight home.

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