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Our First Moab Visit

From Loveland, we made the moderate drive (which turned into a massive drive, thanks to a 4+ hour detour after a mudslide closed I-70 just west of Glenwood Springs) to Moab.

We of course stopped at Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs, which might just be my favorite pizza place on earth.

When we finally got back to I-70 at Grand Junction, it was around 10:30pm, and a ways down the road, we could see the Milky Way out the car windows speeding down the interstate. It was pretty wild.

While in Moab, we spent some time in Castle Valley, rafted on the Colorado river, and visited both the National Parks in the area (separate posts on those coming shortly). It’s amazing and I understand while people speak of it with reverence – I am ready to go back anytime.

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