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Petoskey 2014 Day One

On somewhat short notice, we and the Milford Vogels (plus Grandpa) booked a long weekend stay at a condo in Petoskey.

Walloon Redux

As we drove north, we again stopped at Walloon Lake on a day much different than the freezing day two weeks ago, but we repeated much the same activity: playground, bathrooms, ice cream at the General Store.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_563 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_564 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_565 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_568

On to Petoskey

We were happy to see that the construction throughout Petoskey on 31 was mostly shut down for the week, since it was the beginning of the 4th of July week. We passed through town and took the left turn towards Harbor Springs and Petoskey State Park, and found the condo quite easily, as it’s almost directly across the street from the state park.

We got in without a problem and immediately fell in love with the view from all east and north-facing windows: Round Lake. The condo has a small beach right outside and is directly on Round Lake as well. The lake has a sandy bottom near shore, and stays shallow for a long ways out. Though the bottom gets a bit mushier, we never did reach a point where I couldn’t touch, despite being hundreds of feet offshore. The shallows were packed with minnows, which caused the entire group to make many attempts and plans to catch one. Not a single minnow was captured in three days.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_571 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_569 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_570

We checked out the lake and pool after unpacking, while we waited for the Milford crew to arrive.

Then they did

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_548 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_550 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_554Devin was nice enough to bring some patriotic cookies from the bakery where he works.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_549

It took about five minutes before Devin and Aly retired to the couch to compare their Clash of Clans performance.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_555


We started discussing dinner plans, and selected Thai Orchid in downtown Petoskey as our takeout dinner destination. We spent the typical cat-herding fifteen minutes writing out a list of what to order and then Vorn called to place the order. Unfortunately, their A/C was out so the restaurant was closed for the remainder of Saturday. With our primarily plan foiled, we hopped in the cars and headed just down the street to La Señorita, a northern Michigan chain of Mexican restaurants, one of which Rachel and I used to frequent when we lived in Mt. Pleasant. Vorn celebrated heading out for food:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_557


As you can see, Vorn’s still got some ups.Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_558

Our backup choice turned out to be pretty good, if a bit slow. We had arrived at the restaurant in dry weather, but the skies opened up with thunder, lightning and heavy rain while we were eating, though it had again cleared up by the time we headed back to the condo.

It was time to start getting the girls ready for bed, but they got rowdy once that happened.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_559 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_560 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_561

While the girls were going to sleep, I snuck over to Petoskey State Park just before 10pm. As I hoped based on the heavy rains earlier, Little Traverse Bay was fogged in, turning the lake invisible.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_576 Round Lake 2014_Jun 28 2014_572

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