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Petoskey 2014 Day Three

We planned to finally hit Petoskey State Park with the entire group, and it was the perfect morning to do so.

 Jumping the dunes at PSP

I was a bit behind the group because I changed camera lenses before leaving the parking lot, so I arrived a the bottom of the dune to find this classic American scene:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_203Three generations of flip flops, plus the Starbucks cup. What’s more American than that? We all climbed the big dune  and then the girls began running down.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_211Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_218Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_232Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_267

Aly leads off the jumps

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_273Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_300Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_315

Flying Grandpa

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_319Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_320Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_321

Now things get interesting

This interpretation of the photos did not happen until we reviewed them later this evening, but please read the captions of this group of photos with everyone speaking in a bad fake German accent.

Crush this mountain, Papa. Stomp it with your huge muscles.

Crush this mountain, Papa. Stomp it with your huge muscles.

I am stomp this mountain for you.

I am stomp this mountain for you.

Watch out, small girl, for I am stomp mountain.

Watch out, small girl, for I am stomp mountain.

You are wise to be afraid, girl.

You are wise to be afraid, girl.

I must try harder to stomp mountain this time.

I must try harder to stomp mountain this time.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_296

I am powerful to fly over mountain.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_288Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_295

 The student becomes the teacher

Do not worry Papa. I will stomp.

Do not worry Papa. I will stomp.

I even stomp on head of relative.

I even stomp on head of relative.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_334

I too, have mastered mountain, Papa.

I too, have mastered mountain, Papa.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_331

Down to the beach

Though the water was a bit warmer than in Charlevoix the day before, it was still bitter – nearly to the cold level that knocks the air out of your chest. Aly and Devin were the first to brave the water, joined before long by me, Seth, and Emmy.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_349Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_354Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_358Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_363

Leah started doing some hilarious tribal dance she and Taylor had concocted (perhaps inspired by the Vogel boys’ mountain stomping).

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_367Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_376

The Vorn and Rachel decided we should take a picture of Seth, Devin and I tossing the girls in the air. I could barely lift mine out of the water:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_400Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_402

Devin then decided to dig a hole big enough to fit Aly in, invited her in, and then proceeded to bury her, before topping off her head:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_406Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_410Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_416Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_420

She did eventually break out, but it took some struggling on her part. I then captured a few pictures that unfairly depict Devin as a texting addict:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_419Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_437

Those were taken several minutes apart, by the way. Speaking of unfair depictions, here’s a Father of the Year picture of Seth:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_450Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_432Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_436Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_441Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_443

Back to the other lake

We made the grueling 90-second drive back to the condo, ate some lunch, and then headed down to “our” beach. We made our most serious attempt at catching minnows, with Aly constructing a “huge” (her word) “tide pool” (again) that we tried to route the minnows into, where a chunk of hot dog was waiting as bait. No dice. We also through a very lightweight kids’ frisbee around, but the wind kept flipping it over, so we had very few successful throw-and-catch combos.

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_452Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_453Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_458Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_460Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_461Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_466Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_469

Because two lakes aren’t enough

The whole group walked the trail to the indoor pool, where we once again had the place to ourselves. Devin played the part of the ray in Finding Nemo, pulling all the girls around:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_486Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_480

We then orchestrated a masterful Family Cannonball picture:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_498

You have to love Vorn’s enthusiasm, but don’t be fooled into thinking that she’s jumping higher than Devin – he’s still on the way up, as evidenced here:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_500

The girls then had their own cannonball picture:

Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_523Round Lake 2014_Jun 30 2014_533

After that, we headed back and cleaned up for dinner, which finally came from Thai Orchid (in addition to being closed on Saturday because of the A/C problem, they were closed on Sunday), which was quite tasty and also made for great leftover breakfast the next morning while we packed up for home.

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