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Pumpkin Fest at Post Family Farm

A few weeks back, we had a great visit to Post Family Farm in Hudsonville with our kids and a few of my work friends with their kids. It was supposed to be a 50-ish overcast Fall day, but as we arrived at 10am, it was already a sunny 60 degrees and climbing. We were joined shortly by Jacqui & clan, Janene & clan, and a bit later by Louis & clan.

bloated goat

It was moderately busy as we arrived, but started filling up quickly. Aly and Max zip-lined while the smaller kids obsessed over feeding the goats, especially the lone goat up on the goatway in the sky, awaiting cans of goat feed cranked up to him by the children.

There were also stations for kids to paint small pumpkins and a few animals to see in barn stalls. The main excitements, however, were the pumpkin train and the hay barn, where kids could swing on ropes, jump off hay bales, and use old cable spools as slides. We also spent a little bit of time on the pedal-powered go karts behind the hay barn and taking Leah to see the cows in the nearby field while Aly and Max played in the hay barn. One of the cows nearly shot us with a massive cowfart, which caused Leah to tell me in a manner of fact voice: “Toot.”

back on the wagon

We decided then to hop on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch before it got much busier, since Louis had just arrived. We couldn’t find the Janene party, but found out later they had already hit the pumpkin patch because we were quite pokey. Our wagon was completely full, but no one got off at the stop for the hay maze, which seemed to irritate our tractor driver for some reason, but at least he didn’t send our wagon into the nearby pond, like those Hope College kids from a few years back. All the kids in our party seemed to enjoy the ride, and Leah was particularly pleased with the bumping of the wagon.

We were dropped in the pumpkin patch and spent a few minutes picking out pumpkins and picking up kids as they tripped over the vines. They now have you pay for pumpkins right there in the field before getting back on the wagon, so we paid up and had a nice ride back to the main farm area, where we consumed large amounts of pumpkin donuts and a few apple cider slushies. It was a pretty fun morning at the pumpkin patch, and a beautiful day to be outside with the kids.


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