Starting Soccer with Leah

I got the distinct pleasure of taking Leah to Smart Start Soccer last night on a clear but cool evening. The kind of evening where our desperation for anything different from winter causes us to declare it “beautiful” even though it’s 2 days from May and the real feel temperature was in the high 40s.

This smaller child of ours has always shown an aptitude for sports, but this is her first foray into the classic team sports – she loves gymnastics, but has shown pretty good footwork in the backyard (and living room), so we thought soccer was worth a try. I think that both of us acquitted ourselves quite well last night and the coaches were impressed with at least one of us.

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Here’s a bonus trampoline picture from the evening before:



And a relevant but slightly older picture (I didn’t dress myself, don’t judge me on the shorts):

Family 1983

Family 1983

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