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Timelapse video of 3+ months

I took all the JPEGs still on my camera from the last 3.5 months and made them into a timelapse movie.

I shoot RAW onto one card on my main camera, and JPEG onto the other card as a backup. I use the RAW files for my still photos, then reformat that card after each import. The JPEGs stay on their card until it gets full, so I decided to make a time lapse from them.

This is every JPEG from this time period on my primary camera: every terrible shot I would have deleted in-camera, every shot from 30 FPS burst modes during soccer games, etc.

There are a few hundred more photos not shown here that I shot on my backup camera or phone. I decided that sequencing them into this would be too hard, but I might try that next time.

The photos are unedited straight out of camera, expect for re-canvasing the portrait orientation ones in Photoshop so they fit into a video frame. The images were assembled into clips using TLDF, then the final video was created in iMovie.

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