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U of M and Baby (e)M

Rachel and I attended the Michigan-Michigan State game this past weekend, which ended correctly for the first time in four years or so. It was a great day for a game, despite the promised rain and cold, neither of which showed up during the game. We had an excellent time, except for the lady sitting in front of us, who kept sitting while everyone else is standing (no problem there), but sat far back on the bench seat (again, no problem) and continually leaned back (now we’re starting to have a problem), using my groin as a seatback. I tried standing sort of sideways, but there wasn’t room for that. I resorted to digging my calves into our bench and leaning way back – first time I’ve had to protect my package at Michigan game, lol.

Baby Emmy

We spent the weekend in Milford to deposit our children with their auntie and uncle so we could attend said Michigan game, as well as our first visit to our newest niece, Emerson. Leah refers to her as “Baby M”, and she was fascinated by every squeak and wiggle that Emmy made. I’m happy to report that Emmy is also very intelligent for her age, which you can tell by the smiles she gives to her favorite uncle.


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