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Walloon Lake 2014: Somebody Noticed!

A reader of this blog, a former newspaper editor who once ran this headline front page:

Mens' Dormitory Set for Erection

submitted this fauxrticle from the Walloon Daily Tribune regarding our recent stay at Walloon Lake:

Walloon Lake MI - "Rumors of local earthquake this past week have mysteriously subsided as calm has now returned to our beautiful lake.  In addition, the local general store is recovering from a dramatic economic boom that centered on the liquor/beer aisle and snack food sections of the store.  Residents are breathing a sigh of relief although no one knows what caused the events to occur.   Some were nocturnal, but many indicators were evident during daylight, such as turbulence in various parts of the lake water, including multiple children (apparently of all ages) having the time of their lives all over the place executing amazing gymnastics and nautical events.  There also was more than an occasional strange odor that permeated the atmosphere.  Locals do not know if this is a one time event, or potential seasonal, and observers are curious as to whether it will return next year at this same time, in a larger or smaller volume.  The tourist bureau is anxious to monitor the situation, and are contemplating vigilant following to see if they can take advantage of intriguing situations such as this."

Astute readers will note a few questionable facts in this article, most notably the “more than occasional” strange odor that permeated “the atmosphere”. A correct version of this sentence would be as follows:

There was a nearly constant odor that permeated the pulmonary systems of all its victims, shutting down brain function for extended periods.

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