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Apples & Donuts: Fall Tradition

Though it technically wasn’t Fall yet, we picked apples a few weeks back at Crane’s Orchard in Fennville, as we have in previous years. Honey Crisp apples are so popular that we always try to pick them in the first day or two they’re available, because there have been years that the good apples went in just a matter of days.

It was also the day that Aly got braces on, so it was a good afternoon distraction from the mouth discomfort she was feeling. Rachel even carried Aly on her back for quite a while, and Aly’s not that light these days.

Plus, donuts. And cider.


The nametag is a leftover from a school field trip activity; we can generally keep the names of our children straight without labels. Generally.

Sep_17_2015_DSCF1040 Sep_17_2015_DSCF1045 Sep_17_2015_DSCF1054 Sep_17_2015_DSCF1070 Sep_17_2015_DSCF1073 Sep_17_2015_DSCF1085 Sep_17_2015_DSCF1094 Sep_17_2015_DSCF1108

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