Life in Holland Michigan

Model Shoot in Downtown Holland

We visited downtown on a sunny weeknight to pick up something at the Apothecary, and of course, to get ice cream.

It all starts with ice cream

Of course it does. This time, at Kilwin’s.
Sep_14_2015_DSCF0847 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0861

From there, we had to walk along 8th Street to the other end of downtown to the store. As we passed some of the planter boxes, Leah started posing and asking me to take her picture. She’d do 4 or 5 poses and make me stop at each planter (and even one store doorway where they had a potted plant).

Sep_14_2015_DSCF0870 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0876 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0878 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0882 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0889 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0892 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0893 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0905 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0921_1 Sep_14_2015_DSCF0926


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