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Fall in the Smokies 2017: Part 3

Monday morning brought the first real sunshine I’d seen since Friday, and the warmer temperatures that came with it were welcome.

Being slightly (lol) obsessive, I headed back to my spots along Little River Road for a third time, enjoying the winding drive with just a touch of fog.

I set up a motion timelapse using the Genie Mini, then got to work taking pictures and video with my other camera.

I also dipped the Go Pro in the river a few times, which made for cold hands but cool footage. As the day warmed further, I drove back to Tremont and to the Great Smoky Mountains Institute, so I could hike back to Spruce Flats Falls, which had originally been my plan for Sunday.

It’s a nice little hike to a lovely waterfall, which was flowing strongly after all the rain of the past few days, so I hung out there for a while and shot more pictures and video.

After hiking out, I headed back to the hotel in Townsend to relax a bit and get ready to shoot sunset and the night sky. That didn’t happen, however, because I opted to help with registration at the Great Smoky Mountain Photo Summit, which is why I spent the week in Townsend – to attend the Summit for the second time.

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