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Some recent pics and vids

My first videos on this here blog

I’ve been taking videos of the kids for several years now, and I’m just starting to experiment with DSLR video (so far, not very good, lol), but I never get around to posting many of them. Here are a couple of short clips of Aly sledding:

Here’s how Leah stayed warm while we were out there – she’s a starfish:

Oh, it's ugly, but it keeps her warm.

And an old favorite:

Some other stuff

As a sometime-SEO guy (and customer-centric grammar nazi), I’m frequently reminding people not to use industry jargon on consumer-facing assets. At Meijer, I had to continually argue that we should use the category name “clothing” instead of “apparel”, for example. Jax and I happened upon this gem at Target a few weeks back:

Um, Target visual merchandising people, 'set' is not a word that consumers should understand. Also, if you're trying to direct people to a certain area, they might find it helpful if you told them WHERE THAT AREA is.

Yes, I am attracted to Reese’s Pieces in an unnatural way. I can admit that.

Thanks to Janene for this great appeal to Aly’s sweet tooth:

She got a card the next day, of course. The blue ones are best - double true!

Finally, this picture proves that we are raising our kids with the idea that someday they might be able to cook for themselves. Someday. Not this someday.

Yes, they get their fashion sense from their father. Obviously.

Aly the budding photographer?

In the last week, Aly took these pictures. Not bad for being 45″ tall.


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