Content Portfolio – Email

2022 – GitGo Nurture

I created this series of automated nurture emails as a HubSpot workflow, with version for each of our sales people.

The content starts with a generic company introduction, then moves into the various service offerings, including testimonials and social proof along the way.

GitGo target prospects are hotels.

The workflow uses branching logic to alter the velocity of email delivery by evaluating engagement after each email send. It helps to qualify leads faster by matching email frequency to the engagement level of the recipient. The workflow also features logic to ensure that no contact can be in more than one salesperson’s nurture workflow at a time.

2021 – GitGo App Launch

I created this series of emails in HubSpot to help drive our new SaaS application to a successful launch.

2021 – NKP Medical

I wrote, built, and sent these two emails on back-to-back days to our prospect list.

It generated a high number of leads on the first day, and even more on the second day.

During a period of high COVID case counts in February 2021.

2020 – NKP Medical

I wrote a series of 15+ educational emails that we used as a lead magnet for our target audience.

The first part of the series delivered 6 emails in 6 days, each providing education on a different part of digital marketing for medical practices.

The nurture campaign then invited them to join our Advanced course, which I also wrote, with another 7 emails taking a deeper dive into advanced topics.

I built these emails and their automation in ActiveCampaign.

These were a successful lead generation nurturing campaign at creating MQL’s, by creating awareness of the pain points in their current website/marketing, and offering our services as the solution.

Not all the emails are shown here.

2019 – Glazier Clinics


This set of emails helped drive the largest revenue day in the history Glazier Clinics by more than 50%, and the 2nd highest annual revenue in the company’s 40+ years in business.

I conceived the strategy and offer timing of these emails, wrote the copy, and built the emails in HubSpot.

Note: see more about Glazier in the below section.

2018 – Glazier Clinics

Glazier Clinics operates live education events for high school football coaches, with a very seasonal selling process.

These were just a few of the emails we sent selling coaches on our 2019 season pass. The vast majority of the company revenue was driven by these emails.

I built these emails in ActiveCampaign.

2013 – Gordon Food Service

The series of emails was built in September 2013 to support the launch of a new ecommerce catalog website. It was designed to drive engagement and repeat visits to the website over the course of 5 weeks, to create new habits among customers.

It was successful at driving multiple site visits for most customers who activate an account on the website.

I built the email template for these emails in ExactTarget, conceived of the strategy and cadence, wrote the copy, and designed the emails themselves.