Content Portfolio – NKP Medical Marketing

1. “6 Ways” PDF

I created this piece to be used in our LinkedIn outreach campaigns. 

I personally:

  • Wrote the copy
  • Created the PDF in Canva

We’d send a basic message through LI designed for an easy “yes” response, and then we’d send the PDF to them after collecting their email address.

Hi there,

We just completed research showing there are 6 key ways prospective patients are using your website.

Can I send it over?

2. Case Studies

I created these three PDFs for our sales team to use in their outreach to cold prospects, and also as decision support when they sent a proposal or quote to one of their opportunities.

I wrote the copy for these, collected the graphics, and built them in Canva.

3. Lead Gen Emails

I wrote, built, and sent these two emails on back-to-back days to our prospect list.

It generated a high number of leads on the first day, and even more on the second day.

During a period of high COVID case counts in February 2021.

4. Nurture Education Email Series

I wrote, created, and published two series of automated drip email campaigns.

We promoted the signup page a variety of ways, using the free course as a lead magnet. Here’s what the landing page looks like:

Once enrolled, they proceeded through an educational email series, then were offered to continue in the “Advanced” series. A sample of one email is on the right.

To see more emails from the series, click this:

5. Additional NKP Work Samples

More Portfolio Work