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Edited Songs on the Radio – bleep

Out on a drive with Aly to retrieve some ice cream from Captain Sundae, I turned on a rock station because Aly likes rock music. Well, she says she really likes rock n’ roll, but what she always asks for is Fat Bottom Girls by Queen because she thinks it’s hilarious.

Anyway, 101Fox is playing Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever, a song I’ve heard eleventy billion times since I grew up in the Detroit area; Ted Nugent and Bob Seger playcounts must be the top of the list over the last 30 years of Detroit rock radio. I’ve never been under any delusion that this Nugent song had anything to do with felines, but I was a bit shocked when the word ‘pussy’ was blanked out of the song in the line ‘I make a pussy purr with the stroke of my hand.’ I’m sure I’ve heard this song on the radio at least 500 times in my life, and that word was never bleeped out before. Did the word ‘pussy’ only gain a naughty interpretation recently?

It reminded me of the edited-for-TV version of Blazing Saddles where farts were replaced with horse whinnies – though the blatantly racist slapstick remained. The ultimate irony was that the song that followed Cat Scratch Fever was AC/DC’s Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, which includes the non-bleeped “So get off your ass and come down here” line early in the song.

I’m so glad we lived through the PC movement.

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