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On My Shelf: A Mixed Bag

I think that our shelves show some insight into who we are.

Our priorities, our interests, etc.

Our tolerance for clutter, piles, and dust.

Plus, it gives me another excuse to practice taking pictures and experimenting with lighting. Here’s my next shelf:


From left to right:

Aly (eight at the time) and Leah (almost four) dressed up and posed for this picture. It’s a cheap Walgreens print in a cheap frame, which is why it has those marks under the glass. Here’s the original:


Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman (Amazon)

I bought this book in October, when Website Pipeline awesomely gave us each Amazon gift cards – I spent the whole gift card on books, so I’ve had a reading backlog for a few months now. I haven’t read it yet, but I found it on a “Other people also bought…” list on one of the other books.

The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart (Amazon)

This is a rather fascinating read that I consumed in one travel day when I went to Tulsa back in October. It’s a somewhat scientific look at the ability of focused intention (prayer, meditation, etc) to impact other living things, both nearby and remote.

This book was mentioned in Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, which I listened to last year while driving down to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Ballooning in Stars, by Matthew Schatmeyer (Amazon)

I have not read this book yet. It’s a poetry book written by one of my best friends growing up, though we haven’t been in touch for over 20 years.

Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens (Amazon)

Another classic that I didn’t read growing up but bought at some point in an airport. Literature fans will probably hate me, but I like the adapted 1998 movie with DeNiro.

I owe my occasional referring to someone as “The Aged” to this novel.

Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey A. Moore (Amazon)

During my first call with Brian Seidel about possibly working for Website Pipeline, he mentioned this book as a sort of handbook for software companies. I bought and read it immediately.

Now that I have some time with the company, I need to read it again.

Energy RC-Micro Speaker (Energy Speakers)

I have nine of these in my small living room, along with two Energy subwoofers, for 9.2 channel surround sound. This is powered by a Pioneer SC-1522-k receiver.

I’m a sound junkie, and these little speakers sound orders of magnitude larger than they are.


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