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On My Shelf: Big Books

I think that our shelves show some insight into who we are.

Our priorities, our interests, etc.

Our tolerance for clutter, piles, and dust.

Plus, it gives me another excuse to practice taking pictures and experimenting with lighting. Here’s my fourth shelf:


From left to right:

The Happy Isles of Oceania, by Paul Theroux (Amazon)

I just re-read this book in December after swiping it from my parents’ library a second time. I grew up in a family of readers, and my parents’ home is still packed with books, so I permanently borrow some now and again.

I found this book very enjoyable as Theroux adventured from New Zealand to Australia, and then all through the island Pacific from the Solomons to Hawaii. His encounters and observations of the varied cultures across islands make for an entertaining read.

A Life Wild and Perilous, by Robert Utley (Amazon)

This is another recent theft from my parents that I have not read yet.  It’s about mountains, and the West, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

The Hearsts, Father and Son, by William Randolph Hearst (Amazon)

You guessed it – I grabbed this one from Rochester recently as well, and have not read it yet.  Ever since we visited Hearst Castle/San Simeon back in the 1980s, I’ve had an occasional fascination with this family.

Riding the Iron Rooster, by Paul Theroux (Amazon)

Haven’t read it yet, but it’s got trains and Paul Theroux, so I’ll probably like it.

Peak, by Chip Conley (Amazon)

I bought this book in October with the Amazon gift card provided by Website Pipeline. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s a book about building great companies using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a foundation. Sounds interesting!

Aly and I have taken a night each summer the past several years for a daddy-daughter date night at Saugatuck State Park beach. We swim until sunset and then hike back through the woods in the dark. I took this one in 2014. Here’s the original picture and here’s the blog post:



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