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The Mad Libs of vi@graspam

Man, the jocks get all the girls!

There is one benefit to spam email

I have to admit, I’m highly entertained by some spam emails. I understand that many of the people perpetrating these crimes are not native English speakers, but their use of words can be utterly hilarious. It’s like they use MadLibs to create their email subject lines and content.

In particular, I’ve gotten some great emails lately pushing the little blue pill that I felt were worth sharing. These are all actual spam emails I’ve received in the last month or so – nothing made up by me in this post.

A word of caution

There is some content here that is not appropriate for children. Or grandparents. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, and remember that I didn’t write these – I’m just an observer in this amusing society of ours.

Also note that I have posted these as images, and not the raw text, because I don’t want my site to be flagged as pharmaspam, lol. This type of spam email must work, or they would stop doing it.

Great subject line of a spam email I got. Shouldn’t every night be a joy?

This might be my favorite. Just what I’ve always wanted – much more sizey genitals!


I think this is a compliment, but I can’t really tell? How exactly do I drop her (or him) to the page?


Permanently as in I need to start buying a different kind of pants?


Finally one a marketer can be proud of! Wonderful appeal to “the effect you can produce on your loved one” – who wouldn’t want to buy? Feature – benefits. This is classic Zig Ziglar stuff here, people.


For those of you who believe Christmas is getting too commercialized, here’s all the evidence you need. I guess it could make for some quality time with a loved one? Little blue pills in everyone’s stocking this year!


Thank goodness. Beware of falling meat!


Oh, the grammar challenges poor Marina faces.


“Don’t disappoint hotties”??? “our branded solutions”???? Seriously?

These last three are all from the same email!

Man, the jocks get all the girls!

Um, yeah, I didn’t need to know that.

Sudden flowery language! Wait, we’re talking about mental health now?

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