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Work team outing to Saugatuck

We started with lunch

What else would we start with? Unfortunately, we have no pictures of the wonderful lunch at The Mermaid restaurant in Saugatuck. I’m sure you’d all love to see Louis’ Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich w/Fries (or mine), Karla’s Shrimp Bowl, Amy’s salad, Janene’s veggie burger and whatever Steve and Jef ordered. So the committee apologizes for the lack for visual imagery regarding lunch consumption.

After lunch, we cruised for stars in Saugatuck, and we found one:

We found something else too…

with the group reunited…

We board the upper deck of the Star and stake out two tables along the port rail, one in the sun and one with some shade from the boat’s roof. Individually and collectively, we started imagining ourselves in any of the massive and (mostly) exquisite homes along the Kalamazoo River. Boat houses bigger than our houses, decks on top of underground rec rooms on top of bank vaults nee wine cellars. The lake life appears to be wonderful from this vantage point. We arrived at the big lake in delightful weather, and floated around a bit before turning back towards town.





One thing you might notice traveling with Janene

is that sometimes she surprises you. I hadn’t even noticed how long she’d been sneaky-drinking until I tried to take her picture and she (tried) covered her face with her hand:

It got me to wondering…where we she keeping this sneaky drink supply during our 1.5 hour cruise aboard the Star. As we were heading to our cars, I saw someone pulling a cooler but hiding their identity.


Closing in on the mystery cooler-lugging lush, I witnessed this:


And this:

As it turns out, it was Janene pulling the cooler, but she was completely sober and was just having trouble pulling the cooler because Karla had adjusted the handle height for a much shorter person.

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