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Snowy Saugatuck Dunes State Park

In early February, I went out to Saugatuck State Park hoping to get some good pictures of the massive snow cover since we’ve had a very snowy January. I was heading for a favorite spot off-trail where I have taken several good pictures, including this one back in the Fall:

Saugatuck State Park Oct 2013


I hiked out North Trail to the part where I usually wander off the trail and up the dunes, and I was immediately in snow up to my knees. I hiked about 100 yards before I was in up past mid-thigh, and I gave up on that before making it 50 feet. So I never made it up to the spot I was looking for, but got a few good shots anyway. The lake was ice as far as I could see out onto the lake, and there were people skiing and walking out on the ice for at least a mile. It was tough hiking even on the trail, routinely sinking in a foot or so, and the beach was even worse, so I wasn’t interested in making the effort to go out onto the ice.

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