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The Beard

The Beard appears

It was believed that The Beard was planning some sort of kayak-delivered attack on the Independence Day festivities of the Roschek-Vogel-Goudie 2012 Summit. Note the care in planning – the kayak has an up-to-date Ohio water license.


shit my blog says

Check out this Snauxhawk. (snohawk? snow hawk? michigan mullet?)

The joys of winter

One of the great things about Michigan is that we get snow. Okay, I don’t really think that’s a great thing, since I pretty much abhor winter by this point in life. Mostly because of the short days and ever-absent sun, but also because I hate scraping car windows and getting snow off cars.

Wait, there is a good thing

When we get a lot of snow here on the lakeshore, I like letting it build up on my car, and then only cleaning off the windows and the hood, leaving a huge pile of snow on the roof. I alternate between calling this a “Snohawk” (alternate spelling: snauxhawk) and a “Michigan Mullet” (I know it’s not technically a mullet, but the name works, so give me some slack here, people). I think ti really increases the classy factor of my car – people in the South don’t know what they’re missing.

Tell me this isn't a good look for my car. You might say the words, but I won't believe you.


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Guest Post: Counterpoint – Eyes Forward

Ed: The following was posted as a comment in reply to my blog post about social norms when standing at urinals, and does such a fine job of taking me to task that I felt it worthy of its own post. Enjoy.


From the mind of Louis:

There is a key word in the phrase “public restroom”: public. Public is defined as open to all persons. Yet ever since middle school I have heard the rumors of an unspoken rule of no talking at the men’s bathroom urinals.The excuses are many, but most defend this sacred notion (as Ted does) that once a grip on the tool has occurred silence is customary. While the positions are similar, I hate to burst any man’s bubble but you’re not teeing up a golf shot. You are engaging in an activity every other healthy member of our species has embraced since our genesis. There are no mysteries or questions when approaching another at a urinal. It’s basic. And if you happen to recognize the person who is in mid-stream, a greeting is perfectly fine.


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Eyes forward, mister

I have unfortunately strong powers of observation, which cause me to (occasionally) see things at more than face value, and (usually) to over analyze them. It’s a quirk, no doubt, and probably not to my credit, but it is what it is. Just a little background as warning that you may want to stop reading now, lest you venture into the neuroses of the author.

For half of you that read this, I need to provide further background, because the physical location of this tale plays a significant role, and half of you have never been there: the office men’s room.



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The religion of being a sports fan

I joked to someone about ten years ago that Michigan football was my religion, but now I wonder how much I was joking. There are many parallels between the fervor of sports fandom and organized religion. We use both religion and sports as excuses to do stupid things, get in arguments, and celebrate shared experiences with our fellow devotees. We act one way six days of the week, and then become different people when we attend on the weekend.

Faith, Hope and Love


The basis of any entity-follower relationship is adoration (love) that the follower feels for the entity. Churchgoers love their God, and football fans love their football team. Think that religious adoration is stronger than the love of a football fan? My Saturday experiences might argue otherwise.