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The Beard

The Beard appears

It was believed that The Beard was planning some sort of kayak-delivered attack on the Independence Day festivities of the Roschek-Vogel-Goudie 2012 Summit. Note the care in planning – the kayak has an up-to-date Ohio water license.


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WDW December Day Seven – “Lean way in”

Leah, as part of her campaign for 2011 Goudie Baby of the Year, blessed us by sleeping until 7:30, which meant I didn’t have to freeze my arse off taking her around the Boardwalk this morning – it was 38 degrees or some such silliness. We got all our stuff packed up and I took our luggage to the car while the girls checked me out (of the hotel, you lechers) and then I met them at Kouzzina for breakfast.


Michigan Football

Michigan – Nebraska 2011

Kicking things off with Corso (“ahh, fuck it”):

I can’t decide which is funnier: Fowler’s shock and disappointment or Herbsteit’s little boy giggling. I’ve watched this clip at least 25 times trying to figure out, and now my stomach hurts. Thanks Coach!

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Michigan Stadium Card Stunt

We arrived to our seats yesterday to find colored paper ‘cards’ wrapped in plastic, taped to the bleachers with two pieces of wide blue painter’s tape per sign, one sign per seat. So much for “Don’t trash The Big House” and all the green efforts they’ve made over the last few years; the stadium was a total pit as we left yesterday.