About Me

I’m a digital marketer by trade, working for software giant Website Pipeline in Greenville, SC. I moved to the Upstate in 2015 and love it here – mountains, downtown, parks, all of it.

Outside of work, I’m a photography junkie, shooting mostly landscape and nature, but also some portraits and documentary-type stuff.

I converted from Canon to Fuji in 2015 and haven’t looked back. I’ve owned every Fujinon XF lens except the 14mm, 18mm, and the 56mm 1.2APD. I’m always buying and selling lenses since switching, trying to find the perfect set. Not sure I’ll ever get there, lol.

I’ve a lifelong Michigan football fan, and still hold season tickets, despite living 11 hours from Ann Arbor.

I’ve long been a music fiend, having grown up on classic rock, 80’s metal and progressive rock. I still like some of that stuff (sorry, no more Stryper posters in my bedroom), but I’m more rock/alt rock these days.

Say hi in the comments below and let me know you dropped by. Check out a picture or two and leave a comment on any photos that speak to you.

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