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Adventures with Aly

First, though

a bit of wrap-up from yesterday. When Rachel and I returned from hiking yesterday, we encountered Aly boating with Grandpa Bill in the peapod and Leah playing on the rocks with Grandma Jan, having a great time with their grandparents in Maine.

Now, onto the aforementioned adventures

Aly fancies herself an adventurer, and at low tide, we can trudge out to two islands, so we did that this morning. The first island has the oft-photographed storage shack and two lobster cars, which are floating pens that are used to stage lobster, though these two particular lobster cars always seem to be on this island instead of in operation. The island also contains a lot of various junk, including tires, transmission components, cables, ropes, etc. It also has some brightly colored tide pools which make fine photographic subjects.

One final note. Leah says that vacation is tiring.

And here’s Aly in the same “camping bed” at a slightly older age.

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