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Day Six – It’s wafer thin

After our late night at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party the night before, we all slept in a bit the next morning, which means that Leah actually slept in a bit so the rest of us could sleep. Aly ate some leftover cinnamon rolls that our server at Cinderella’s Royal Table had given her the morning before, while Leah and Rachel had cereal for breakfast. I didn’t eat anything, mostly because I was still half-zombie as we left the room to board the Red Grand Caravan for the short ride over to EPCOT.

As we entered the park, we spotted Stitch with almost no line near the spot where we saw Daisy on our first day, so we detoured over so Aly could get Stitch’s autograph and Leah could hug the random Hawaiian space alien. Yes, that’s how far she’s come – she even hugs Stitch.


At this point, I discovered I was hungry, so I headed to the Land pavilion and picked up a rider swap pass for Soarin’, then consumed one Adult Breakfast Platter from the Seasons restaurant on the lower level. The girls were riding the Nemo ride into The Living Seas aquarium, and I wandered over there to find them after finishing breakfast. I searched upstairs throughout the aquarium portion, came back downstairs and searched through several rooms before finding them at the front of the line for Turtle Talk with Crush, which is a cool interactive show featuring a gigantic digital screen with Crush from the movie Nemo, who talks to and interacts with questions from kids in the audience. I made my way up to them in line, at which time Aly announced that she didn’t want to wait the further five minutes until the show started, so we left the line and headed over to Bruce’s (Bruce the shark from Nemo) play area, where Leah looked at pictures of fish and Aly stuck her feet out of Bruce’s mouth. The kids before her (she says they cut in front of her) were sucking on Bruce’s teeth while their parents snapped photos, so I guess hanging your feet out isn’t that bad in comparison.

more food

As we exited the Living Seas, Aly announced she was hungry, which was quickly echoed by Leah. We headed back into the Land pavilion and bought them some food from the same place I had been seated eating only a few minutes earlier.

Rachel and Aly left with the rider swap ticket to ride Soarin’, while I took Leah up to the play fountains near the exit of Captain EO (formerly Honey, I Shrunk The Audience after originally being Captain EO). Lele is fascinated by fountains, so I figured she’d have a good time up there, and I was right. The fountains with jumping water entertained her, but she was afraid to walk under them, even though the water flies a few feet above my head. They also have a ring of little fountains that shoot up small drops of water that you can catch in your hand. She loved this, and found one spot where the resultant splash would bounce up on her, followed each time by her walking over to me and telling me where it hit her: “eye” “nose” “ear”, etc. She also made a friend a bit older who liked those fountains as well.

After about 30 minutes there, Leah decided she was thirsty and wanted to see her Mama, so we walked backed towards Soarin’ and ran into the other girls near a drinking fountain, where Leah promptly grabbed onto the lower one and swung from it for about 15 seconds.

You guessed it. more food.

We had a lunch reservation at Les Chefs de France, so we strollered back there and ate lunch despite the fact that most of our party was full. The french onion soup was fantastic, as was the croque monsieur sandwich (fancy ham and cheese). We got a great view of the chair-stacking acrobats doing their routine out in front of the restaurant, and Remy came to visit our table as well. Only at Disney does a fancy French restaurant have a rat come to your table and squeak at you. The girls were antsy, so I ate my Mouse au Chocolat solo, paid the bill and headed outside to find the girls, who had wandered over to the Kidcot station in Morocco.

Along the way, I spotted Belle, so I grabbed the girls and brought them back over to get in line to meet the princess from Beauty and the Beast. When it was our turn, Leah charged past Aly and ran up to Belle, giving her a long hug and then rambling away to her, which caused us all to break out laughing. When Aly came up to get her autograph and picture, Leah insisted on a second hug from Belle, and then a third when we left after taking pictures. It was pretty darn cute.

Sun. Knee. Itchy.

If that sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably been to the Mitsukoshi store in Japan at EPCOT, because that is how you count down from three to one in Japanese, which Aly learned as part of the Pick An Oyster process. You pay $17 and then get to pick and oyster from one of two tanks, which they then dramatically open and see if you selected one with a pearl. The Japanese lady running the show that day had a great stage presence, and made a big deal of the oyster Aly picked, asking her to confirm it was the one she wanted before moving it over to open it.

After teaching Aly how to count down in Japanese, she opened the oyster while Aly watched intently. She gave a loud “ooooohhhhhhh” and then told Aly that she is a very lucky girl, revealing a silver pearl, then telling Aly that silver pearls are “very rare”, making up only 5-10% of the pearls found. Aly was so excited, and the people that were gathered around watching gave her a round of applause. The host lady then said that Aly was a very lucky girl, because she had picked an oyster with twins, even more rare with twin silver pearls. She then made large theatrics of measuring the pearls (both above average) and congratulating Aly many times. I shot a ton of pictures while holding onto Leah, who kept clapping and giving her enthusiastic “Yay!” at appropriate intervals.

As we left the store, we realized that Leah was very tired and it was getting very hot, so she asked for her mama and we walked the long way around the lake of World Showcase, because we hadn’t been past that side yet. Leah fell asleep in Rachel’s arms after only a few countries, and we needed to make a bathroom break before walking the rest of the way to the car, so we hit the shady area near the Baby Care Center, where Rachel tried to put the overheated and overtired Leah into the stroller to sleep, but Leah started thrashing and yelling as Rachel walked away, so I scooped her up and held her, despite my similar overtired and overheatedness.

I carried her the rest of the way out of the park and to the car, staggering like Frankenstein the last five minutes or so. I passed her back to Rachel for the ride back to the hotel and then took pictures of Rachel carrying the limp Leah up the stairs to our room. She actually stayed asleep for a decent nap, and I kept her company while Rachel and Aly headed down to the pool for one last pool party. Leah woke up shortly after they left, so I put on her swimwear and we headed down to the pool to meet the girls. Aly was having a blast at the pool party, so we took Leah back to the splash area, which has a soft rubber covering and a variety of fountains and spraying animals. She loved it because they had a few spouting fountains that only went about two feet high, so she didn’t have to worry about being blasted in the face. She played down there for about an hour while Aly moved on from pool party to dance party, and then we all headed back to the room to get ready for dinner.
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