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Day Three – Chef Mickey’s

Since we hadn’t seen many characters yet on this trip, we headed to breakfast at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary resort. We waited in line to get our picture taken with the Mickey statue before being seated, but thankfully they forgot to come around to our table and offer to sell us the picture for $31. We were seated quite quickly and headed up to the buffet to get some food. Aly ate several cinnamon rolls, Leah ate grapes, while Rachel and I ate the typical breakfast fare. They had a pretty tasty chorizo/potato/cheese mixture that you could combine with salsa, cheese sauce, and crumbled sausage (yes, if you’re keeping score, the main part of the dish has sausage and cheese, and both sausage and cheese are considered condiments for that) in a big gooey pile on an English muffin – fantastic. We also took some grapes to feed Leah later and may have snuck a few Rice Krispie treats into our bag as well.

There are five characters at Chef Mickey’s that come to your table, all in chef attire: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy. The girls got pictures and autographs with all five, but Leah was very excited to see Goofy, and even pointed out a passing monorail to make sure he saw it.  Minnie snuck up on her and Leah gave her such a scolding that Minnie went from the “Oh my” hands-by-mouth gesture to the “Well, I’ll be” hands-on-hips gesture. They made up with a high-five and all was forgiven. The squinty look in the picture with Donald is Leah “smiling.”

After we finished up breakfast, we hopped on the monorail headed to Magic Kingdom for the day.


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