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Fog & Tide Pools

Saturday morning

arrived with what the folks around here call “ribbon fog” weaving around the islands in our view. It made for a picturesque view of the old lighthouse and some neighboring islands.

The fog didn’t seem to hamper the sea gulls’ ability to pursue the bait boat as it made stops around the harbor.

Ocean’s eleven

Degrees, that is. Aly got the idea that she really wanted to go swimming and after wading in to about waist depth, she used her singsong sweet voice to request my presence in the water. In a moment of temporary insanity, it sounded refreshing and I agreed to put on my suit and join her. Without a doubt, this is the coldest water I have ever submerged myself in. If you’ve ever watched males try to wade into cold water, they seem to get very timid when the water is just below waist level. Well, let me tell you, this water made my knees hurt and my quads hurt before it even got to that level. After a few minutes of whining, I finally flopped into the water, swam out a little bit, and then decided I’d better swim back in, since the cold had knocked all the air out of my chest. It was not refreshing.

I asked Aly later if she’d go back in and she said “I don’t think so, Dad.”

After that, Grandpa Bill took the girls for a boat ride in the water tender, the lone motorized vessel among his armada.

Leah enjoyed a quick snack in the kitchen before dinner:

Sunset and seaglass

After dinner, I wandered out with my camera during low tide and got some pictures of the contents of a few tide pools.

Click on a thumbnail to open the full-size gallery, then use your left and right arrow keys to navigate.

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