Glen Haven Beach at Sleeping Bear

The quest for Petoskey stones

Aly’s [oft, over, constantly] stated goal for this trip was to find Petoskey stones that she could bring home and polish up to perfection. We began that quest at Glen Haven Beach, which is at the end of a kind of ghost town historic village, near the maritime museum. It was a beautiful morning for a swim and to play in the sand, and a great spot. Although we didn’t find any Petoskey stones at this beach, we did find plenty of other rocks that Aly thought were keepers and thus started our giant bag of rocks in the back of the car.


We only stayed for about an hour, because we wanted to explore the rest of the area, since it was our first day in town. When we left, there were only 5 other people within our vision on this beach. We also saw a baby deer that was about the size of a golden retriever drinking from Lake Michigan about 100 feet up the beach from where we splashed – it awkwardly ran up into the dune grass when some people started walking towards it.

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