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Great Smoky Reflections

The sheer beauty of this place overwhelms me, and I leave this place transformed. My senses remain dazzled by all I’ve seen and heard, touching emotions that cannot be processed in anything approaching real-time.

Grotto Falls at GSMNP

I have been equally enchanted in periods of sun streaming through forest tops, wind so strong I struggle for balance, dreary rain, even while enshrouded in the mists of clouds. All this in the course of but five days.

Cades Cove Scenic Loop

I struggle constantly selecting which scenes to capture. Half of me shouts “Photograph every bit! All should enjoy this natural brilliance!” How do I select highlights when surrounded by highlights at every step? The demands of time force more selectivity, yet I would capture all if only I could find the way. I’ve passed up shots that could¬†never measure up in a mere photograph to the experience.

GSMNP - Abrams Falls Trail

What greater inspiration exists than astounding natural beauty? Does my life’s sum contribution even begin to balance the debt I owe to this place and others like it that I’ve experienced? I cannot imagine it can be anything near to equal, yet I strive to narrow the void.

GSMNP - Laurel & Little River Roads

The mountain and hill, lake and pond, field, glade and meadow, river, creek and stream are my true home, as they’ve always been.

Cades Cove Scenic Loop

I belong to this place, and it to me.

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    Ted, the feeling and emotion that you pour into, not only your photos but also your writing is spine tingling!
    Thank you for continuing to share all of this with others. You have a true gift! JMG

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