Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive at Sleeping Bear

First try

We did this scenic drive twice during our stay in Glen Arbor. The first time, Aly was ready for a break and we only stopped at two of the overlooks because crankiness was disturbing the scenery (that’s pouting in the first picture). It’s a pretty drive even if you can’t stop and get out of the car. The first overlook gives a view through the trees of both Glen Lakes. The next overlook includes the Dune Climb, as well as panoramic views across at least 180 degrees.

 Second go ’round

On the second pass, we enjoyed the winding paths through the forest, had a deer cross the road right in front of us, and had to wait for a wedding party to clear the road. We drove through straight to the Lake Michigan overlooks toward the end of the drive. This was a short walk from the car to an incredibly steep dune that drops maybe two hundred feet down to the lake. There is also a deck built overlooking the steep dune so you can get a sense of how high this bluff really is.

There were lots of people out at this overlook, and Leah walked around making friends with many of them. I also got some great pictures, looking south along the bluffs, and of a disappearing stand of trees to the north.

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