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Whipping Walloon

On our way to Mackinaw City, we took the girls to Walloon Lake for a quick visit on a cold, windy June day. This was the first time to Walloon for all three girls. The car said the air temperature was 50 degrees and the wind was fairly constant around 30, quickly proving that we didn’t have warm enough gear, but at least it made the “Daddy can we swim?” question immediately moot.

Walloon Lake

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We took a quick drive past our old haunt at Cottage One, and then headed over to the park, where the kids enjoyed playing on the kind of tall metal playground structures that just aren’t around anymore. Of course they had a great time. The open park restrooms even allowed Aly to her first glance at a urinal, which she had been curious about (no demonstration was provided).

Walloon Lake Walloon Lake Walloon Lake Walloon Lake Walloon Lake Walloon Lake Walloon Lake Walloon Lake


We stopped in the General Store for some ice cream and snacks, then drove up through Petoskey and on to Mackinaw City, our destination for the night. After a bunch of confusion by the desk staff, it took about twenty minutes to check into our hotel. We got settled in our room and then headed to the main drag in Mackinaw City, Central Street.

Mackinaw City 2014

We visited a couple of shops and then headed into Mamma Mia’s Pizza for dinner.  We visited the museum upstairs while waiting for our food, and then were joined by Doug, Ann, Will, and Maggie. After dinner, we headed over to the cottage where my Dad used to go in the summers, with his grandfather’s former cottage right next door. Both cottages are right on the lake with a great view of Mackinaw Bridge.

Mackinaw City 2014

On to the Upper Peninsula

From there, we headed across the bridge and took Aly & Leah onto the U.P. for the first time.  We spent a few minutes at Straits State Park enjoying the bridge from the other side.

Mackinaw City 2014 Mackinaw City 2014 Mackinaw City 2014

We then headed back to our hotel and Rachel got the girls ready for bed. I headed back over to the cottage and took a few sunset pictures.

Mackinaw City 2014 Mackinaw City 2014

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