Windy Moraine Hiking Trail

I departed Walloon Lake with a plan to visit all our favorite Sleeping Bear spots today on my way home. The backroads drive through Ellsworth and East Jordan was beautiful, and I started my day with my toes in the water at Good Harbor Beach, before passing through Glen Arbor and visiting Glen Haven Beach. The water was cold, so I only went knees-deep, but stayed for about 30 minutes searching for Petoskey stones (failure) and watching an artist paint a watercolor of the view.

From there, I headed through Pierce Stocking drive, beautiful as always, and then tried out the Windy Moraine hiking trail, which is right across the street from the entrance to Pierce Stocking. I chuckled at the “Cougars have been spotted in this area” note on the bulletin board, then spent the next 1.5 miles ready to whack any cougar with my tripod. Do cougars eat carbon fiber? Thankfully, I did not have to find out.

The hike was okay, peaceful and pretty, but not exceptionally picturesque, so I didn’t take many pictures. It wound through woods most of the hike, with one exceptional opening into a field of waving grasses (hence the pictures).  I did not encounter another person on the trail, but I did hear lots of cars driving past along Dune Highway. Warmed up from the hike, I headed to North Bar Lake and swam in Lake Michigan for about an hour – fabulous. I left the camera in the car, because the sky was photographically crappy (that’s a science term, kids) and I knew there was no way I could get better pictures than the ones I took there last year.

Windy Moraine Windy Moraine Windy Moraine Windy Moraine Windy Moraine

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